So you're thinking..... what kinds of events does the Geneva Lodge have??  Well here you have them.... 
**BOCCE** is a big event at Geneva Lodge 2397.  This traditional Italian game is played on our indoor court from September to March every Tuesday evening. The league consists of 8 teams, each team with four players. It is  good competitive play and a great way for members to socialize. All players share in the year end prize money and get two free dinners during the season.
During the spring and summer members and guests can also use the outdoor bocce courts adjacent to the pavilion. The lodge runs a nice friendly Summer League where all members and guests can compete.
Come on down and check us out!
**BINGO** is the major fundraiser for the lodge. Weekly bingo draws many members of the community out to the lodge every Sunday to socialize and play for big cash prizes!!  Members volunteer as bingo callers, floor workers, and concession workers. Bingo and Bell Jar income helps to support local, state, and national charities.  Both the workers and the players have a lot of fun and at the same time are helping to fund many worthy causes. 
Bingo start time is 2:00 pm from Nov. through March. We switch to evening bingo from April through Oct. when we start at 7:00 pm.

**CARDS**   -  During the day you can almost always find a lively game of pinochle or rummy going on among our retirees. 

Attention everyone!!

** Monday Night Football and Wings -  When the Fall season returns so does FOOTBALL. For Geneva Lodge members and guests that also signals the return of what is now a Geneva Lodge tradition, watching MNF here at the lodge and eating Wings, . It may not be a "Old World" tradition, but it is definitely a Geneva Lodge tradition and a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome.  
Event Date: Every Monday during the season 
Wings and served from - 7 to 9 pm.

** Columbus Day Dinner Dance- This is a major social function throughout all of O.S.I.A.  as we honor the Italian explorer who discovered America. Members, guests, and friends come together to honor our heritage, share a good meal, and enjoy music, dancing and socializing.
Event Date: TBA - at the lodge hall.

** Geneva Lodge Annual Awards Dinner - Each year the lodge presents several awards to various members who have shown their dedication in service to both the lodge and OSIA. 
Event Date: April 27, 2019 -  at the lodge hall

** Sons of Italy Italian Festival- This will be a special year here at the Geneva Lodge as we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary as an OSIA lodge.  Come out to enjoy baked goods, a variety of Italian foods, games, raffles, and a variety of entertainment from nightly musical acts.  It is truly a community event with something for everyone. Check it out.
Event Date: August 9 and 10 - on the lodge grounds.

** Happy Hour- Friday nights are a time to relax and unwind after the workweek. Our lodge is a great place to stop for a cocktail, some conversation, and fun. Drinks are always on special. And friends are always welcome.

** Fish Dinners - Each year the Geneva Lodge runs a seven week series of dinners every Friday during Lent. Members and guests can enjoy a great fish dinner, steaks, chicken, fish sandwiches,burgers, or hotdogs. They come with all the trimmings too. 
Event Date: March 1, 2019 to April 19, 2019 at the lodge hall.

**BT's Halloween Bash made it's return on October 20th with a great party at the lodge. Goblins, ghouls, witches, superheros, devils and angels all had a grand time. Look for the bash again in October 2019. 
Event Date: TBA

**Pizza with Santa - held every December for the children and grandchildren of lodge members. Games, music, cartoons, gifts, plus food and fun for all ages.
Event Date: TBA

** Adult Christmas Party - also held in December. Just an informal get together to have some fun. This is a newer event that we have been doing off site at a local restaurant so everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.  
Event Date: TB

Bocce Commissioner Jamie Kaim (left) with Tom Quartaro

Rich Gardner lines up a shot            

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